Adaptér fotoaparátu Bresser pro pozorování dalekohledů / DSLR

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Adaptér fotoaparátu
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Capturing beautiful moments with your SLR camera on a photo is sometimes limited when it comes to long distances. Simply connect your SLR camera to your scope with this Photoadapter and benefit from the high magnification of the scope to overcome this problem and capture the smallest details on photo.

Inner diameter: 40–54mm
Inside dimension Length: 68–81mm

All you need is your camera, a spotting scope and this photo adapter as well as the matching T2 ring for your camera and the fun can start.


  • Smallest details with your mirror reflex
  • Easy mounting
  • Spotting scopes takes place of your objective

Suitable for:

  • Bresser Pirsch spotting scopes
  • Bresser Dachstein spotting scopes
  • Bresser Spektar 15–45x60 Spotting Scope
  • Spotting scopes of other brands
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