Astroplanetárium Bresser National Geographic

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Your own planetarium at home! Projects the stars on the ceiling, accurate to time and day! You can even see falling stars, thanks to the planetarium’s integrated motor. Listen to background music with the built-in FM radio or by connecting to a digital music player.


  • Projection screen: approx. 1.6x2.2m (at 2m range)
  • Lumen power: 190lm (at 2m celling height)
  • Projection of stars or star constellations
  • Built-in radio function and speakers
  • Connection for MP3 player

The kit inckudes:

  • Multimedia planetarium
  • 2 slide discs
  • Stand
  • Batteries
  • User manual
Projection method optical
Viewing location N35°
Constellations 61
Number of stars 8000 (each star disc)
Light source high brightness white LED
Star field orientation adjustment date, hour
Projection area 1.8x2.2m at 2.0m distance
Sleep timer function 30, 60 minutes
Power 5V DC or 3 AA/LR6 batteries, 1.5V
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