Detektor kovu DMAX Easy Search

ID produktu: 74781
Field of application: coins, relics, jewellery
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The DMAX metal detector Easy Search offers two different methods to you for detection of iron, copper and silver. The LCD screen is equipped with a two-color LED to display iron and non-ferrous metals. The differentiation of metals takes place by three different sound signals.

The metal detector Easy Search detects objects of the size of a coin in a depth of up to 16cm. Larger metallic objects can also be detected in deeper layers.

In addition, the battery level is displayed and on the back of the screen is a headphone jack.

Due to the adjustable S-rod shaft length and the arm support, the metal detector Easy Search can be customized for a comfortable use.

The DISC method makes it possible to eliminate unwanted metals and the ALL METAL method displays all metals.


  • Two operating modes:
    • ALL METAL (find all kinds of metal)
    • DISC (eliminate unwanted objects from detection)
  • LCD screen
  • The LCD screen shows sensitivity and metal type
  • Three tones to indicate different types of metal
  • Sensitivity >16cm (e.g. for a coin)
  • Automatic ground balance
  • 8.5” waterproof search coil
  • Speaker and headphone jack
  • One 9V alkaline battery required
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