Digitální monokulární dalekohled pro noční vidění Bresser 3x14 s funkcí záznamu

ID produktu: 72338
Zvětšení: 3x. Průměr čočky objektivu: 14 mm
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The digital Bresser night vision devices have a recording function, allowing you to record your observations as a photo or video to a microSD card. They are easily operated with just one hand. These instruments are not prone to malfunction due to illumination overexposure since they are equipped with the newest digital technology and not the traditional analog version. Although intended for use during dusk or dawn, the integrated IR illumination allows the observer to see in total darkness.

4 AA batteries are required for operation (included).


  • Digital image capturing via sensor chip
  • Digital recording function and photo or video storing via microSD card
  • Engageable IR illumination (range up to approx. ca. 100 m)
  • Near focusing distance from 1m
  • Tripod connection thread

The kit includes:

  • Night vision device
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Carrying strap
  • Memory card
  • Video cable
  • USB cable
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Manual