Hodiny Explore Scientific RC s projektorem a předpovědí počasí, černá barva

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Radio controlled time (DCF time signal). Alarm clock with projection and weather forecast for 6 hours
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Explore Scientific Projection Radio-controlled Alarm Clock with Weather forecast Language Code 2 | black With the Explore Scientific Projection Radio-controlled Alarm clock with Weather forecast you not only have the time in view, but also the current indoor and outdoor temperature in C° / F° and the weather forecast for the next 6 hours. You can read off the information on the clearly designed LCD display or via the projection to the wall or ceiling. The weather forecast is displayed in the form of clear symbols.
Furthermore, you can install two alarms, which can be extended by 8 minutes by using the snooze function.


  • Radio controlled time (DCF time signal) or manual time setting
  • Time zone setting
  • Symbolic weather forecast for the next 6 hours
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature in C° / F°
  • Display of time, date and weekday
  • Weekday in 5 languages (DE, EN, SP, IT, FR) adjustable
  • Dual alarm and snooze function (8 minutes)
  • Weekday alarm for alarm on working days adjustable
  • Quickening alarm
  • Projection of the time
  • Projection can be switched on for 5 seconds, with mains operation also permanently on/off
  • Time projection with 180° flip
  • White LCD backlight
  • With table stand and wall bracket
  • 3 sensors connectable (1 sensor included)
  • Outdoor temperature measurement
  • To stand or hang up
  • Transmission range up to 30 m outdoors
  • Transmission frequency: 433 MHz

The kit includes:

  • Alarm clock
  • Outdoor sensor
  • 4x AAA batteries
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • Manual