Hvězdářský dalekohled Omegon Pro APO AP 140/910 Triplet OTA

ID produktu: 78609
Apochromatický refraktor. Apertura: 140 mm. Ohnisková vzdálenost: 910 mm
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CZK 102,290.00
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For higher quality photos: The large 140mm triplet with two ED lenses
What is it that drives astrophotographers time and again? The desire to capture objects and the sky in high quality. With this apochromat, you can do just that. The specially selected ED glass and a colour-pure image result in observations displaying fine details that would not be possible with basic optics. Experience a new standard of quality for yourself.

The highlights at a glance:

  • 140mm triplet ED Apo with two ED lenses with extremely good correction for a colour-pure image with good contrast
  • Retractable dew cap for easy transport
  • 4" focuser with a 1:10 reduction ratio: Easily focus larger and heavier cameras with high precision
  • Camera rotates 360° so you can find the right orientation
  • Vixen-type finder shoe so you can easily mount any finderscope

Why these optics reveal more details
No more images without contrast. This apochromat shows what is really possible: pure-colour and high-contrast observations and astrophotos. The key is a sophisticated optical design with premium ED glass for a crystal-clear image. Compared to most mirror systems, the better-defined optics allow you to see more and finer details when observing the planets, for example. All surfaces of the lens elements are treated with an effective multi-coating to prevent reflections. Enjoy memorable observations and shots.

CNC tube designed for the best optics
The tube of the Omegon Apo consists of a CNC-machined metal construction with a sophisticated anti-reflective aperture system. The entire tube is lined with a velvet-like, black fabric.

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