Levenhuk Plössl 6mm Eyepiece

ID produktu: 50757
Focal length: 6 mm. Field of view: 50°
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Plössl eyepieces are one of the most popular eyepiece designs today. This Levenhuk eyepiece with a focal length of 6 mm will be a wonderful addition to your stargazing equipment. During celestial observations of deep-sky objects - nebulae, galaxies and star clusters - it will produce bright and clear images with no geometric aberration.

Standard Plössl design consists of two achromatic lenses. The optical elements in this model are made of high-quality optical glass and are fully multi-coated to produce bright and saturated views of observed objects.

The standard filter thread on the eyepiece barrel allows you to use filters from any manufacturer. Levenhuk Plössl 6mm is also fitted with a twist-up eyecup that blocks most light rays coming from the sides, further adding to the comfort of your observations. This eyepiece has an eye relief of 5 mm.

Focal length, mm 6
Field of view, ° 50
Eye relief 5
Barrel diameter 1.25”
Usage General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.