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Compact digital clock for traveling with temperature and humidity display
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It is as small and handy as a travel alarm clock and yet offers so much more: that’s the Bresser MyTime Travel. Travelers should always take with them this compact digital alarm clock with temperature and humidity display. Since it is purely battery-driven, it can be used anywhere. The sophisticated design impresses with clever details and straightforwardness.

On the compact display, you can see information about temperature and humidity for the interior and exterior as well as the hygro trend. The current room climate is illustrated by an icon (too dry, optimal, too wet). The current time, date, and weekday are set automatically by a radio signal.

A huge plus is the integrated alarm function with snooze mode. It makes the Bresser MyTime Travel the ideal travel companion. At the set time, an alert will sound. It can be paused for about five minutes (snooze mode) or turned off at the push of a button. Apart from that, the alert can also be set for a defined temperature. When this temperature is reached, there will also be an acoustic signal.

The alarm clock comes with a wireless external sensor, which transmits information about temperature and humidity. Optionally, up to three thermo/hygro-sensors can be connected at the same time.

Alarm clock and sensor are powered by 2x AAA batteries each (purchased separately).


  • Small digital clock for traveling with temperature and humidity display
  • Automatic time setting
  • Display of time, date, weekday
  • Display of inside and outside temperature (°C/°F selectable)
  • Display of inside and outside humidity
  • Room climate indicator
  • Temperature alert
  • Memory of daily min./max. values of temperature and humidity
  • 12/24 hours mode
  • Alarm clock with snooze mode
  • Temperature alert for all external sensors
  • Blue backlight
  • Up to three thermo/hygro sensors connectable
  • Flip out stand

The kit includes:

  • Digital alarm clock
  • Thermo/Hygro sensor
  • User manual
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