Meteostanice Bresser Temeo Hygro Quadro, bílá

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Compact digital thermometer for measuring temperature and air humidity
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The Bresser Temeo Hygro Quadro offers the possibility to measure temperature and air humidity in or around your house at 4 different locations. This enables the simple monitoring at one location: Is my cellar room too moist and threatened by mold? Is the children’s bedroom temperature all well? Is it too hot on the terrace? There are many more options open.

The three sensors deliver the data sets over 433MHz radio frequency to the master station, which also measures temperature and humidity.

Battery powered by 3x AAA / LR03 batteries (mainstation) and 6x AAA / LR03 batteries (for the three sensors).


  • 4 measurement results for temperature
  • 4 measurement results for relative humidity
  • Early prevention of mold
  • 433 MHz transmission frequency
  • Remote sensors are splashproof - suitable for outdoors
  • For hanging or standing
  • Dimensions & weight base station: 10.4x11.9x2.5cm, 152 g

The kit includes:

  • Thermo- / hygrometer
  • 3x remote sensor
  • User guide
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