Meteostanice Bresser TemeoTrend LB RC

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Compact weather station with an elegant design
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The TemeoTrend LB is a compact weather station in a timelessly elegant design. All control buttons are located on the front. All the relevant data can be read quickly from the clearly arranged display. It also features a radio-controlled clock with alarm function. A jewel on any desk or wall.


  • Compact weather station with an elegant design
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature in °C/°F
  • Min/max memory for temperature
  • Atmospheric pressure trend indicator
  • Weather forecast for the next 12–24 h
  • Radio controlled clock via DCF77 signal
  • Alarm function
  • Weather station with removable stand and wall mount

The kit includes:

  • Weather station: TemeoTrend LB
  • Remote sensor: Thermo
  • Batteries: 2xAA (station), 2xAAA (sensor)
  • Removable stand for the basic station
  • Wall mount for the sensor
  • User manual
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