Meteostanice Bresser Tendence WSX s 24hodinovým zobrazením barometrického tlaku

ID produktu: 74577
Weather trend, temperature & humidity with min/max memory
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The Bresser Tendence WSX weather station shows on a clearly structured display next to the current time, which is transmitted via DCF radio signal, also information on indoor and outdoor temperature as well as indoor and outdoor humidity.

The outdoor data is captured and transmitted to the weather station by the included thermo-hygro remote sensor. Additionally, the radio controlled weather station is equipped with an alarm function and an animated weather trend indicator, so that you are always up to date about the current weather forecast.

The main feature is the big air pressure bar chart, on which you can see the recorded air pressure information of the last 24 hours.


  • Clearly structured display
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature indicator
  • Humidity indicator for indoor and outdoor
  • Animated weather trend indicator
  • Moon phases display
  • Time via DCF radio signal
  • Wake-up alarm with snooze function
  • Memory for min./max. values of temperature and humidity (inside and outside)
  • Display of the air pressure on big bar chart
  • Backlight
  • Supports up to 3 thermo / hygro outdoor sensors (1 already included!)
  • 433 MHz transmission frequency
  • Range of the sensor up to 50m

The kit includes:

  • Weather station
  • Thermo / hygro sensor
  • Manual