Mikroskop Omegon DigiStar 40x-400x LCD 4,3"

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Zvětšení: 1–600x
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DigiStar: a compact microscope for a quick look at the details

Decipher something quickly, take a look at a circuit board, small diamonds, the engraving on a ring or examine minerals. There is so much that we can’t really make out with the naked eye. And yet sometimes we must. The DigiStar is a digital microscope with which you can make the smallest things appear enormous. From now on you can see everything.

The features at a glance:

  • 4.3” LCD monitor - so that you see every detail in colour
  • LED brightness control, dimmable for brightly-illuminated objects
  • Aluminium stand with rack and pinion control
  • SD card slot: simply transfer images to your PC to save
  • USB power adapter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

LCD monitor and microscope camera

Simply place your chosen object under the microscope and you can quickly see the details. It can be anything you can think of.

And it doesn’t matter whether you want to take a look at something at home, or test materials for work: your object is nicely displayed on the 4.3” colour screen. Every tiny text, and every irregularity will now be visible.

Magnification of up to 200x, video and photo mode

Select a variable optical magnification up to 200x and a digital magnification of up to 600x. Take snapshots or even videos. So you’ll never miss a thing again.

Indoors or outdoors

You can take this eye for detail with you wherever you go: whether indoors or outdoors. The DigiStar is lighter than a bottle of water, and is as simple and compact as a picnic box. This microscope really is at home everywhere. The built-in Li-ion battery provides the necessary power to the screen and to the eight dimmable long-life LEDs.

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