Mikroskop Omegon MonoView, MicroStar, achromat, 1280x, LED

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Monokulární. Zvětšení: 20–1280x. Součástí je i experimentální sada
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For school, university or just as one of the most interesting leisure activities! Observe plants, pollen, hair, rain water, textile fibres, insects and much more besides. The Omegon Microstar offers a simple and inexpensive way of getting started in microscopy.

Insert an object and begin observing
Simple microscopy means that you do not have to be immediately able to make a professional thin-section slide. Simply insert the slide with the leaf or the insect onto the microscope stage. The Omegon Microstar has both transmitted and incident LED lighting available, making even opaque objects or basic specimens amazingly easy to observe. In addition, LED technology offers a virtually unlimited service life. You can also adjust the lighting level to the brightness you require.

Easy observing and detailed viewing
The eyepiece is set at a viewing angle of 45° and the head of the microscope can be rotated by 360°, meaning that you will always be able to employ the most comfortable position for observing. The Microstar is extremely versatile, providing magnifications from 20x up to1280x and it is very simple to change the magnification employed during use. The lens turret comes with 4x, 10x and 40x objective lenses. Observing is also particularly enjoyable due to the wide field of view proved by the wide angle eyepieces included.

Microscope stage
Your slides are held securely in position on the microscope stage, which includes a vernier scale. The slide being observed can be precisely and sensitively moved around in two axes by the use of knurled screws. The slide can always be correctly positioned, even at high magnifications.

Even more contrast
The five different colour filters and sub-stage condenser provided allow you to further increase the contrast in order to make out even more detail.

Wide range of accessories included
Everything is already included that you will need for getting started: a digital PC eyepiece for sending images to the computer, image processing software, a Barlow lens for higher magnification, extensive microscopy instruments, microtome, prepared slides, hatchery, shrimp eggs, sea salt, yeast, 10 slides and cover slips, carrying case and power supply.


  • Comfortable 45° viewing angle
  • Adjustable LED lighting
  • Bright transmitted and incident lighting
  • Wide field of view
  • Precise adjustment of the stage
  • Contrast increased by sub-stage condenser and colour filters
  • Slides and prepared slides included
  • Digital PC eyepiece with software for Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
  • Power supply