Nástěnné hodiny Thermo/Hygro Bresser MyTime DCF 25 cm, benzínová modrá

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Silent clockwork for indoor use
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The Bresser MyTime ND DCF Thermo-/Hygro is more than a simple, classical wall clock. Thanks to the setting via DCF-77 time signal one can always rely on the time shown. Additionally, the wall clock provides information about the room temperature and humidity.

The clock is available in different coloured dials. Choose your favourite color to set an individual accent. If you want to hang up the clock in your bedroom the silent operation with sweeping second hand guarantees for an undisturbed sleep without annoying sounds.

The clock is not suitable for outdoors or in bathrooms.


  • DCF-77 Time signal (Radio controlled clock)
  • Sweeping seconds dial, no annoying tick-tock
  • Indoor temperature (°C/°F)
  • Relative humidity (%)
  • Brushed stainless steel frame
  • Silent clockwork
  • Batteries required: 1x AA (not included)

The kit includes:

  • Wall clock
  • Manual
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